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Sergei M. Stishov IS THe Recipient of The 2005 Bridgman Award


I have the pleasure to announce that the winner of Bridgman Award 2005 is Professor Sergei M. Stishov.


William J. Nellis

President of AIRAPT


 Sergei M. Stishov has made outstanding contributions to high pressure physics and geophysics.  Perhaps, his most well known accomplishment is discovery of a high-pressure six-coordinated phase of SiO2. This discovery demonstrated that silicates at high pressures collapse from four to six-coordinated phases, which is the basis of our current picture of silicates in the earths mantle.

As a graduate student, Prof. Stishov had the idea that quartz might collapse to a higher-density polymorph under pressure at high temperature and, if true, this would have important implications for geophysics.  In 1962 he found a collaborator at the Institute of High Pressure Physics in Troitsk with whom to do experiments, found the denser phase the first time he looked for it, and published the result in the journal Geochimia.   Shortly thereafter, the same polymorph was found in nature, quenched to atmospheric pressure from high impact pressures and temperatures at Meteorite Crater in Arizona.  The new polymorph was named stishovite.  The full story is in S. M. Stishov, High Pressure Research 13, 245-280 (1995).

Prof. Stishov has also provided an enormous body of experimental data under pressures up to the 100 GPa range, including equations of state measured by x-ray and neutron diffraction and Raman scattering.  He has found, for example, that soft materials, such as CsI, become metallic and hard materials, such as diamond, are extremely stable at high pressures.  His neutron diffraction experiments on solid hydrogen to 31 GPa are the only such data on this material at high pressures  These results are of fundamental importance for condensed matter physics and for the science of giant planets inside and outside our solar system.

Professor Stishov has held numerous important positions.  He is Director of the Institute of High Pressure Physics and is a Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.  Since 1993 he has been a consultant at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.




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